Lessons that Bear Repeating

You know that thing you always have to remember that comes up again and again in your career – that thing that you can’t help but have to deal with at every job?  Maybe it’s the lesson about saying no when you can’t possibly do another thing.  Maybe it’s the one about having clear boundaries with friends you work with about work and home. Maybe it’s the one about giving feedback immediately instead of waiting for someone to just correct themselves.  We all have them. And we all need to learn them again and again!

Today’s lesson for me? I had to remember that overpreparing is a waste of time and energy. “Prepare just enough and not too much” is something I’ve learned time and time again. I had the opportunity to be interviewed for a local Fox affiliate about Unfear and the job numbers that just came out – it’s important stuff to remember, particularly most job seekers are looking for ten months before they find employment, and then many are underemployed. So I prepped and memorized the job stats thinking I’d like to sound smart – and then my interview came and they had looked at the book & decided it would be much more interesting to ask about morale at work! Well, so much for memorization – I should have just trusted that I know plenty already! Too bad I’ve had to learn that so many times…but we all have them.

What is your lesson you keep repeating, even after you’ve really learned it before?

NOTE TO LOCAL CHICAGOANS: Watch Karlin Sloan on Fox tonight at 9pm central!


About karlinsloan

Karlin Sloan has committed herself to finding out what makes great leaders tick, and to supporting leaders to be the change they wish to see in the world. As a corporate citizen she is an advocate for triple-bottom-line reporting, for creating sustainable ways of working and living, and for creating positive organizational communities that work together for the greater good. She is the author of the acclaimed business book Smarter, Faster, Better; Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership which has been translated into Thai and Russian, UNFEAR: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty, and co-author of the 2012 book Lemonade: The Leaders Guide to Resilience at Work. For more information see www.karlinsloan.com or www.theresilienceproject.net
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