Top Companies for Leadership

According to the Hay Group’s latest research study, two out of the top three companies for leadership are on the Karlin Sloan & Company client roster! Very very exciting! We are so grateful to work with some of the best companies on earth and to support their efforts to develop what leaders need now – a focus on collaboration and innovation rather than “old school” command-and-control models that are no longer relevant.

So what does this study say about leadership in the new millenium? According to Rick Lash, Director at the Hay Group and co-leader of the Best Companies for Leadership research study “Leadership in the twenty-first century is about leading at all levels; not restricting it to title. As organizations become flatter, the best leaders are learning they must check their egos at the door and become increasingly sensitive to diversity, generational and geographical issues.” Some interesting findings include:

  • The top twenty Best Companies report that people are expected to lead whether they have a formal position of authority, compared to only 59% of other companies.
  • All of the Best Companies manage a pool of successors for mission-critical roles.
  • 95% of the Best Companies have a “family friendly” corporate culture to support employees raising children.
  • 100% of the Best Companies have programs to develop leaders who can bring resources together across the organization.
  • 100% of the Best Companies pay men and women the same rate.
  • The Best Companies give all employees the opportunity to develop leadership capabilities.
  • Social responsibility in leaders is three times more important to top Asian organizations than in the rest of the world.
  • Right now is the time for organizations to listen up – leadership has changed, and what worked in the past will not work for what we need now and into the future. Leadership means having deep capacity for collaboration, for visionary/ strategic thinking, and for inspiring others by “being the change” we wish to see in the world.

    For more information on creating a practical, relevant strategy for developing leaders in your organization, CONTACT US. We’re really excited to see our philosophy in action and that our clients are at the TOP!


    About karlinsloan

    Karlin Sloan has committed herself to finding out what makes great leaders tick, and to supporting leaders to be the change they wish to see in the world. As a corporate citizen she is an advocate for triple-bottom-line reporting, for creating sustainable ways of working and living, and for creating positive organizational communities that work together for the greater good. She is the author of the acclaimed business book Smarter, Faster, Better; Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership which has been translated into Thai and Russian, UNFEAR: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty, and co-author of the 2012 book Lemonade: The Leaders Guide to Resilience at Work. For more information see or
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